5 Important Tips for Magazine Article Writing

Magazine articles are a great boost for any freelance writer especially if you are trying to kickstart your writing career. I know you might ask if there are qualifications you should have to write magazine articles. Well, there are no specific qualifications needed to write magazine articles. But you need to have an influential writing voice, the capability to aim your article offers to the appropriate publications and research enthusiasm. 

While it might appear magazines are fading away in this modern era, national magazines carry on to thrive. The irony of it is that some magazines pay writers $1 per word. If you are looking to write a good magazine article and don’t know how to go about it, we have you covered. Check out these tips that will help you write the best magazine article.

Do thorough research

Whether the topic is new to you or you have written about it before, doing thorough research is very important. Researching on your topic will assist you to get additional and fresh information that may add value to your articles and make them more information for your audience. You can research and find the experts in your niche and interview them and include the relevant reference.

Pick interesting angles

There are high chances of gaining clients through the articles you publish in magazines. That is if they are appealing. Study the topic you choose carefully and find out the angles that haven’t been covered or discussed previously. Ensure you find out those that will capture the attention of your targetted audience. Publishers hate articles that have excess unuseful information. Ensure you are careful about this. 

Make an outline

Ensure your articles have an outline which you can follow while writing them. It should have the ideas that you intend to discuss, an introduction, conclusion as well as the article body. Choose if you plan to include images, graphics, and testimonials. 

Make use of startling statistic

Have you ever been shocked by a statistic? There are chances that some of your readers could be shocked by the statistics? If there are statistics that underage girls are likely to give birth boys, include that somewhere in your article and it should fit uniformly. It could attract more readership for your article. 

Consider recent trends

Are there any trends you discussed recently with a friend? Ensure to include them in your article. Some inspiration could help capture the attention of your readers. Don’t worry about the trends if they are local. They don’t need to be global for you to share or include them in the article. All you need is a recent trend that is inspirational to your audience – read article on good things to right about.


When you are writing your articles, keep the instructions in mind. Magazines are different and they have different instructions. This includes the tone and approach. Ensure to follow them to end. Also, if you have interviewees, ensure you assist them to sound great. It will give your articles a great boost. 

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